H.R. Ueckert Co., Inc. is a diversified company that can provide many services. Our clients range from, local public works agencies, to commercial and residential developers, to industrial sites, to individuals. Our knowledge of best practices and technologies is your guarantee of a quality project. We understand performance expectations, schedules and deadlines. We set high standards for ourselves. These standards provide the foundation on which our clients build.

Site Preparation & Commercial Development


 H.R. Ueckert Co., Inc. has the experience and resources to handle site prep, mass excavation, grading, soil stabilization, crushed concrete, limestone, and gravel base, and building pads for the most demanding projects. 

Lakes, Drainage Structures & Dog Training Ponds


If you dream it, we can build it.  From 1/8 acre to over 20 acres we can design, excavate, and insure proper drainage of your lake. We begin by surveying your site, digging test holes to check the availability of clay that is a necessary component for a lake to hold water, and with that information we are able to provide an estimate of size and cost.   We have also designed and built several dog training ponds to meet any specific need you may have for your training program. 



Roads, Driveways & Culverts

Be it a gravel, bull rock, asphalt, concrete, crushed concrete, crushed granite, or limestone road that you need H.R. Ueckert Co., Inc. can build it. 

Tree Trimming & Removal


Affordable Tree Service is a division of H.R. Ueckert Co., Inc. that provides tree trimming and removal.  We are bucket truck equipped, and have expert climbers in our crews.  We are the only fully insured tree service in Bellville, and provide workman’s comp. for our valued employees. 

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